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Our Goals

Create a richer student learning experience through community engagement.

  • Effectively communicate the impact and needs of Spotsylvania students and teachers by forming partnerships with local businesses, community leaders, and citizens (e.g., Back-to-School Block Party).
  • Secure financial support from available local, regional, and national sources. (e.g., Golf Tournament, fundraising programs, etc.).

Develop and/or support supplementary programs and activities that enhance student success.

  • Support pre-school programs and projects that prepare children for success in school.
  • Promote parental engagement in student learning.
  • Support programs and projects that help students succeed as learners and prepare for success in the workplace.
  • Encourage cultural enrichment opportunities.

Promote innovation in the classroom

  • Support teacher initiatives to develop creative and effective ways to enhance student learning and preparedness (e.g., Idea Grants).
  • Acknowledge excellence in teaching (e.g., Sage Awards).

Develop the Board and staff to maximize Foundation impact

  • Ensure that Board members and staff remain conversant with challenges and opportunities facing students and teachers (e.g., invite school personnel, IDEA Grant recipients, and other stakeholders to speak at Board meetings).
  • Cultivate and recruit Board candidates who will strengthen the Foundation’s capacity to secure financial support. (Form Board Development Committee.)
  • Identify and adopt tools and practices that will maximize organizational effectiveness and efficiency. (Form Strategic Planning Committee and maintain membership in the Mid-Atlantic Consortium of Education Foundations.)

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