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SEED Grants

Spotsylvania Endowment for Educational Development (SEED) Grants

The Spotsylvania Education Foundation SEED Grants are available to any employee of Spotsylvania County Schools in the amount of up to $500 for financial assistance for an activity that enhances professional growth. In accepting the assistance, the employee agrees to provide documentation of successful completion of the course to SEF to be considered for future SEED grants. SEED stands for Spotsylvania Endowment for Education Development. The purpose of the Spotsylvania Education Foundation’s SEED Grant program is to provide SCS staff funding for professional development, certifications, and college classes. The SEED grants will be distributed twice a year, once in the Fall and once in the Spring.  The total number of grants is dependent upon fundraising and donations throughout the year as well as designated funds as determined by the SEF board.  The SEED grant program’s fundraising, application dates, and review process are managed by the SEED Committee.  The SEED Committee meets as needed to coordinate this program. Grant Applicant Process

  1. Complete the application form in its entirety by pre-determined date.
  2. Attach completed recommendation form to application.
  3. Attach any pertinent documentation, including a copy of the registration plus a copy of the invoice/bill or receipt.
  4. Submit all information to SEED committee chair.

Grant Review Process Grants are categorized by school level (Elementary, Middle, High) and staff.  Grants may also be categorized by request.  For example, if there are five grant requests for the same workshop/class/etc. In order to be considered, application, supporting materials, and reference letter must be received by the designated date.  Other considerations:

  • Course/professional development request must take place in the current school year.
  • Course/professional development directly relates to job.
  • Course/professional development aligns with School Division initiatives.

The Committee will then present their grant recipient recommendations to the SEF board for final approval before announcing grant recipients.

The Spotsylvania Education Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of our Fall 2017 round of SEED Grants. Through fundraising efforts, such as a Jean's Day and generous donations from the Foundation's Endowment Fund, a total of $2,346 was awarded in this round. The Foundation received 11 applicants for this round of grants. While all the applicants were worthy, there was adequate funding to award only 6 grants. Those who applied for the Fall round, but were not funded, were considered again for the Spring 2018 round of SEED Grants.

Congratulations to the following recipients of the Fall 2017 round of SEED Grants:

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