The 2021 IDEA Grant Application is now open! 

A complete application packet must be submitted electronically to Angie Sullivan at by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, September 17, 2021. No hard copy applications will be accepted. Download and save all three required forms on your computer before entering information. See more instruction information in the 2021 IDEA Grant application form.

Grant Guidelines:

  • Any Spotsylvania County Public School employee may apply.
  • Parents, community members, and students may submit project proposals in collaboration with a Spotsylvania County Public School Employee. Schools can also choose to choose to work together on proposals.
  • Applicants may request funding up to $2,000 per proposal, though smaller proposals are encouraged.
  • Applicants and their School Administrators must review and acknowledge the Terms and Conditions outlined in the Idea Grant application.
  • Complete application packages must be electronically received at the foundation’s email address
    ( by the announced due date and time (see application instructions).
  • All required components of the application must be included and legible (see application instructions for specific requirements). Only complete application packages will be forwarded to the Grants committee for review.
  • The IDEA Grant is a competitive grant. The Grants Committee will review each proposal carefully to determine allocation of available funds. Specific selection criteria is listed below. Each proposal will be judged on its merits; funding (if any) will be awarded based on that review.
  • Grant funds will be directly dispersed to the selected applicant’s school.

Questions about the grant writing process can be addressed to: Angie Sullivan (540) 834-2500 ext. 1147 or

Terms and Conditions:

  • Grants are not intended to replace school division’s funding.
  • Spotsylvania County Public School employees cannot be financially compensated with grant funds.
  • Equipment, including technology equipment/software:Equipment and/or materials (non-consumable items) purchased with grant proceeds become property of the school system and will be designated for use by the grant recipient.
  • Proposed purchase of electronic and/or information technology equipment must be approved by Spotsylvania County Public Schools.
  • Ownership of these items will remain with the school when the applicant leaves the division.
  • Equipment and/or materials bought through grant funding which are not used in line with the written proposal and/or school division policies may be reassigned.
  • A follow-up summary highlighting the accomplishments of the project, including anecdotes and photographs of children (with parental photo releases) participating in this activity, will be required from the awarded grant recipients. This summary is due within 30 days of project’s completion.Summaries of year long projects must be submitted by June 3, 2022, at the latest. Failure to submit a completed summary could jeopardize future funding through the IDEA Grant process. Contact Angie Sullivan at for Grant Summary Forms.
  • Documentation of grant funded expenses must be submitted with the Grants Summary Form (e.g.,receipts). This should include a description of each expense, the amount expended on each item, and the amount and source of any matching funds.
  • You may be asked to present your IDEA Grant at the 2022 Excellence in Education event.
  • Spotsylvania Education Foundation must be recognized on any publication and or announcements related to funded proposals. This requirement is necessary to ensure continued growth of SEF through public awareness and public support.
  • Funds $50 or over not spent by May 27, 2022 must be returned to the Foundation.
  • If you have received prior funding through an IDEA Grant for this project/proposal, future funding will depend upon evidence of continued growth, innovation and efforts to seek other sources of funding.

Selection Criteria:

The Grants Committee will base their review on the following criteria. 

  • The proposed project enhances and improves student achievement in the following ways. (70 points total, each sub-question is worth 10 points):
    • Stimulates and motivates students to achieve academic excellence
    • Engages students as active participants in the learning process
    • Encourages specific improvement in students’ skills and attitudes
    • Nurtures the students’ desire to learn and create
    • Supports Virginia standardized tests and/or other Division goals
    • Addresses an underserved need
    • Has a lasting benefit, opposed to a one time event
  • The proposed project can be replicated. (10 points)
    • Can be easily and inexpensively adapted for use by other employees and/or schools.
  • The proposed project includes collaboration with others. (10 points)
    • Collaborative efforts across disciplines and between school administrations, teachers (or other employees), students, parents, and/or community are encouraged.
  • Budget is clear and effectively supports the proposal. (10 points)
    • Includes a complete itemization of expenses, including shipping.
    • Reflects expenditures that directly support the proposed activities.
    • Establishes a base for continued activities that will not require future Foundation funding.

Consideration will only be given to the proposals with the budget of $2,000.00 or less. Each proposal will be judged on its merits; funding (if any) will be awarded based on that review.