About Us

The Spotsylvania Education Foundation (SEF), a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, has been working to help attract private funding and support innovative programs and projects for the students and employees of Spotsylvania County Public Schools. We have a fifteen-member Board consisting of business, community, and school leaders which is committed to strengthening the quality of instructional programs.

SEF is working to create a richer student learning experience through community engagement. The Board works with local businesses, community leaders and citizens to communicate the needs of Spotsylvania students and teachers. Promoting innovation in the classroom through grant programs allows SEF to support teachers to develop creative and effective ways to enhance student learning.

Student Success

The Spotsylvania Education Foundation also develops and supports supplementary programs and activities that enhance student success.  These programs include pre-school and projects that prepare children for success in school, parental engagement in student learning, cultural enrichment opportunities and preparation for the workplace.

Teacher Recognition

The Spotsylvania Education Foundation is honored to host the SAGE Award Banquet each year to recognize excellence in teaching. An effective teacher is the most important school-based factor impacting student academic engagement, learning and success. The SAGE Award Banquet recognizes excellence in teaching by honoring the Spotsylvania County Public Schools’ Teacher of the Year, Mentors of the Year and New Teacher of the Year.